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The Secrets of Writing Pen

The Secrets of Writing Pen

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The pen is mightier than the sword. We know it. But when a pen becomes mightier, then it should have the basic features of it. Moreover, you should understand these features of a pen well. So you can use it with ease. If you know it without ignoring its importance, then you will enjoy your penmanship very well.


Generally, the inks are available in the different colors like red, blue, green and black. But you have to decide which ink color you will use. But one thing you have to remember that choosing an ink color will determine your mental state and personality. It is very much important for any writer how he or she will choose the right ink color for his or her needs. If you select the red ink color, then it will represent the aggressiveness in your character. So you will only select it when you are examining any document or writing. But you should never use it for general writing and signature. The reason is that red color stimulates the brain for detail-oriented tasks which ultimately supports for choosing red color for checking documents or correction purpose. Moreover, red color increases the speed and the strength of reactions. Whereas blue color ink stimulates the creativity. So it is suitable for general purpose writing with a creative touch. Moreover, blue color also indicates the safety. So the writer can be more explorative in this connection. Whereas green color ink is designated as calming and reassuring. As a writing color green, you will always feel safe but it is not suitable for writing purposes. If you use black ink color, then it will designate as seriousness and formal. But in writing, the color black is used for drawing attention.


Generally pen is found in cylinder shaped with the two ovals sided. But you should buy the pen after trying with it. If you feel that your grip with writing pen is working well, then you can use it. The reason is that if your grip is not well settled with your pen, then your writing muscle will have to toil more than average uses. Sometimes, you will feel that the nice looking pen does not have any ergonomics advantage. So you have to think about it when you are buying the writing pen.

Therefore, when you are going to use a writing pen, you should remember that the easy feeling during the writing should be considered seriously.


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