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The true image of Indian IT Professional

The true image of Indian IT Professional

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It is true that India is not a country of the programmer. The reason lies in its long human migration history. Moreover, it is said that the different kinds of human breeding which took part over the times in the Indian subcontinent and it makes possible to justify it. Even, you will find that power of language also played a great role in this matter as well. Another important issue is that adsorption of newly found genetic links also. Recent, termination of Indian IT professionals from their job due to their past migration history. Actually, it directs its attention towards genetic mutation also. If you are a wise man, then you will see that the world’s best programmers come from the European continent.

The main reason is that a tremendous genetic mutation occurred over the thousand years of evolution through the constant human migration in this region. In this respect, the performance of Indian IT professional somehow gets affected with this conviction as well. When you are going to find the real reason of the Indian IT professional who is terminated from their jobs in the recent past, then you have to go back to the era of 2300 BC when for the first time Yamna or Pit Grave culture was developed. This culture is the predominant factor for the advancement of the high programming skill in the European continent. You should keep in your mind that America is a cosmopolitan mart where everybody comes to do business with a lot of extremities but European counterpart is a Savannah field where a lot of greens are available. Here you will never find extremity and power like America but it is gestation field where a lot of programming skills originated.

Practically, this culture brings logical deduction in the human gene in that time. More precisely speaking is that for any kind of programming challenge, you will need logical aggression which will bolster your programming creativity in the greater perspective as well. It is observed that developing a robust computer application, you will need some commendable instances which brings some fluidity in its implementation. Generally, IT professional deals with network, programming, security, data, analysis, designing, multimedia and others. But every segment requires a different skill. In this case, the network needs relational communication; programming needs logical aggression; security needs restrictive approach; data requires ceaseless flow; analysis needs deep details and designing requires creative progression as well. All these skills depend on the different parameters which are in our surrounding also.

Moreover, they require physical, mental and geographical advantages as well. It is observed that Indian IT professionals are the product of the lower strata of logical aggression which is detrimental to their career success. But one thing is sure that they can bounce back through some indigenous practices as well. The Indian IT professional can rise up their skill through ceaseless genetic evolution, formidable sexual expression, expressive family support and supportive childhood environment also. For any kind of IT job, you will require cool surrounding geographically which are very much rare in a country like India. Actually, artificiality will never work in its favor as well. You should also know that India is not a country of logical aggression. Rather, you can say that India is a country of creative progression as well. If you look at the history pages of India, then you will find a lot of example for justifying this conviction.

As far as Indian IT professionals are concerned, they are the victims of many circumstances as well. Clearly speaking, they never have grown up fully as the programmer due to the different elements also. When they are going to develop the world-class software, they face the powerful restrictive wave despite having their local skill also. It is observed that they first get their discouragement at their childhood. Particularly, you will see that any programming skill need early age training which is very much rare in India as well. At the age of three they should put into the logical training and practice and after that, they should be given adequate encouragement from their family onward as well.


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