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Underemployment: A silent assassin

Underemployment: A silent assassin

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If you compare between unemployment and underemployment, then you will find that they have different impact on a country’s economy. The reason is that these negative states of employability of a nation will determine its power and stability as well. But in the modern world, it has a harsh reality for every one of them. The reason is that underemployment has more intense impact on the world economy than unemployment itself. It is observed that underemployment is a willful curse for any nation. Because if it happens in an economy, then it means that the nation has an amputated policy for its employable generation for giving them sustainable employment.

But the reality is that underemployment you will never catch it openly. Rather, you have to interact with the people’s professional movements and activities before you catch them immediately. In this way, you will able to see the real picture of world’s underemployment scenario also. It is observed that underemployment has two types. One is visible underemployment and another is invisible underemployment. Both these types of underemployment have different impact on an economy. You should know that the real meaning of the underemployment is the under-utilization of skills. It is very much visible in almost every sector of the industries and business as well.

The reason is that not a single country has any formidable policy for proper utilization of human skill. Therefore, the huge backlog of total utilization of real skill in all sector of the world economy has been developed as well. If we take an example, then you will find that a programmer is writing a technical document which is not his or her fort. Rather, he or she should have to write code for developing a software, instead he or she is doing the different work. Therefore, the efficiency of the person will be decreased and a nation’s talent pool will be vanished over the times.

For preventing the condition of underemployment, the people need the early career counseling which will give the better perspective to the accurate employment opportunity. The reason is that if the people get the right career guidance, then he or she will able to get the right job opportunity with his or her skills as well. When you will do the different job besides your prime job skill, then you will be under pressure to perform and drag yourself into the hell of unhappiness. In the job market, the role of HR manager has an important role as a career counseling. The reason is that he or she has the important credential to put the right employee into the right department according to the employee’s skill.

Nowadays the quality of the HR manager has been affected by the lower breed of HR pool. The better training facility will always breed the good employee. So that it can build the huge pool of the good employees who can able to prevent the underemployment situation. The main reason is that underemployment deals with the placement of the employee to a suitable department according to the employee’s credential as well. Today, the scenario of underemployment has been going through the different phases which could not be solved in the immediate future. But if we take the actual measure to prevent it in the systematic manners, then we will able to place our employee in the right area according to their ability.

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