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What are the reasons for rape ?

What are the reasons for rape ?

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In the recent time, we are observing that woman are getting raped and molested in the larger proportion. But, the society could not resist it in order to control it. Rather, from the women point of view, they can change this situation in their favor by some guidelines. Moreover, these guidelines will give them an eye opener if they observe it minutely. Moreover, the observation power of the women should be powerful enough, so any attack can be prevented before it strikes. Always, remember the intention for rape develops from hatred, anger and jealousy. Moreover, you have to keep in your mind that the rapist attempts to attack the victim when he likes to enjoy the moment with fun and anger. So, you have to understand it very well. If you understand the situation very well, then you can protect yourself from his attack.


It is very much essential trait which should apply in the precise manner. The reason is that if your attitude is good to everyone in your daily life, then your chance is very low for getting rape. It is observed that if your attitude is disrespectful to the most of the opposite sex in your society, then you have to careful in this regard as well. Because, you will have a greater chance from the rapist attack. Actually, the process for attempting the rape starts from the very small insulting in the earlier stage, then, it will take a long time to erupt its power when the time comes in. So, before it gets its shape, you should stop it at the initial stage.


Personality takes a great role in the process of resisting the rape. Moreover, personality can be divided into the different phases. So, if you understand it well, then you will able to stand courageously on the rapist attack. If your personality is very much friendly , then you will have the low attack chance from the rapist. Again, if you have a proud personality, then you have to be very much careful about it. The reason is that the rapist will target the victim who has a proud personality which can be easily irritated by the teasing and the most of the case the proud character gets the victim of the rapist.


Your fashion and styles should be according to your limitation. Moreover, if your fashion excites the sultry nature in the mind of the rapist, then you will become a victim of the rapist as well. Actually, the rapist always looks for the reason for the teasing and then the situation for raping. So, you have to keep fashion in such a way that at any cost, your fashion and style could not create any negative impact on the mind of the rapist as well.

Eye contact

Always try to keep your eye contact with the rapist before he strikes you. Because , it will control his activity in such a way that he could not do any impact immediately on you . So, the constant eye contact will save your dignity and self-respect as well.

Physical impact

You should always remember that the rapist will not rape the victim for sexual satisfaction. Rather, he will do it out of anger and frustration. So, the reason of the rapist’s frustration can be developed from his unfulfilled desire for success in his life.

Therefore, you should prevent yourself from the clutches of the rapist when you will understand his mind and as well as your own lifestyle and attitude.


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