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What are the reasons for Samsung mobile downfall?

What are the reasons for Samsung mobile downfall?

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In recent time, Samsung mobile is witnessing a huge downfall at break neck speed. The reason is that Samsung never open its ears to the consumer’s mind. Moreover, it is a simple ignorance or do not care attitude towards its loyal audiences. It is very much fuzzy to any sensible person is that why Samsung is cutting its own feet with a senseless manner as well. Actually, the root lies on ego, stubbornness and underestimation. This type of approach will never work for any multinational company as well.

Moreover, you will see that a chaos is running in Samsung management, which is occurred due to an internal indecision. Therefore, its affect is visible on its product also. Honestly speaking, if Samsung still not interested about its serious aftermath, then the future will be very much insecure. Once the confidence of the consumers get away, then it will be very difficult to recover soon also.


In the consumer democracy, you will never play with a pig-headed mentality. After all, consumer is the king and a harbinger to the company’s profit. It is particularly very much visible in the mobile sector. The reason is that mobile trend is always changing at a rapid speed. If you like to keep yourself floating on it, then you have to control your ego and make your product more consumer friendly as well.


When you are in a business competition, then you should not underestimate your competitors also. The reason is that if you underestimate them, then your downfall will start and you will never control it at all. Practically, in this time, there is no existence of big fish or small fish in the market. Moreover, any fish can eat another fish without any warning. So that you have to be cautious all the time. Otherwise, you will be wiping out from the business scene as well. This anomaly is highly applicable to Samsung also.


Confidence is good but overconfidence is harmful to anyone also. Therefore, Samsung should keep in mind that overconfidence is not a good option for the long survival approach. Rather, if Samsung becomes supple against its overconfidence, then its survival will be intact in the stiff competition.

Bird View

When you see anything from a bird’s view, then you will see everything small. However, when you go to the down to the earth, then you will see everything in its life size and you will able to compare yourself with them as well. Therefore, Samsung should understand it well.

Excessive aestheticism

For any product, excessive amount will bring a lot bad effects on the consumer’s mind. The reason is that if excessive aestheticism is happened for a particular product, then the product price will be increased in the larger proportion. Therefore, the consumers will have to bear it. Therefore, a large chunk of consumers will stay away from buying it. You should keep in your mind that human is always looking good. Therefore, you have to provide them a controlled makeover, which will give them a better experience.

Moreover, Samsung when understands its follies with its clear vision, then it will able to regain its own place in the Indian mobile market as well.

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