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What is India’s the happiest price tag?

What is India’s the happiest price tag?

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In India, we pay for services which we receive and pay for shopping which we bought. But we never think about a single price tag which is the best for everyone. The reason is that we don’t have any time to think about on this silly matter. Because we need the services and get the better price quote and pay it instantly as well. So that the matter is closed in the quick succession. But one thing we generally miss that which price tag we are happy to pay is the billion-dollar question. The reason is that it depends on usability, acceptability and uniformity. Therefore, India’s happiest price tag is Rs.1500 which breaks the barrier of the universal acceptance in India. At this price tag, you can fulfil your appetite within your reach without making any emptying your pocket. One interesting proposition of this price tag is that if you fix your service price at this price, then your client will have very difficult to resist it. So, they will accept it without any question.

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