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What man’s penis tells about his career ?

What man’s penis tells about his career ?

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For every man, beauty lies in his penis. It has enormous power, which can change our life in a new direction. Moreover, it is situated in the middle of our body. Therefore, it controls our masculinity in the big way. Even, it has unique power, which is still untapped in the humankind. Determining career through your penis is one of the untapped areas, which we should explore as well. If you take it as funny, then it will make you funnier. Again, if you take it seriously, then it will give you some amazing experience as well.


The shape of your penis will give you unique guideline for selecting your career. The reason is that career selection depends on learning, decision-making and foresight. Therefore, you should know that God has given us a lot answers to our question, which are stored in our body. Therefore, you have to find it through your intelligence and observation. If your penis size is greater than 6 inches, then you will have a little difficulty to choose your career and your mind can not be disoriented. The reason is that the penis is only hanging part of male body and the movement of blood flow in the penis is very fast due to the sexual impulse. This blood flow will make your penis to pump more blood from the heart and affect the brain functions as well.

Therefore, your mind will turn to the negative direction. Therefore, your career can be murderer, criminal, stripper or fraudster as well. If your penis is around 6 inches, then you will have determination, confidence and imagination. Therefore, your career can be artist, executive, scientist and other profession, which will require creativity, imagination and observation as well.


If you look at your penis from the upside, then you will see that your penis may be right-side bend or left-side bend. Therefore, you can know your career from the penis bend as well. The right-sided bend penis indicates positive mind, quick decision, determination, intelligence, passion and skill. Nevertheless, the left-sided penis indicates temperament, freedom-seeking, outgoing, fun, creativity and sheerness. Therefore, the left-sides penis holder can be player, sales clerk, artist, and businessperson and factory worker. Again, the right-sided penis holder can be service member, scientist, executive, CEO and employee as well.

Therefore, you can have a better knowledge about the selection of career after the study of the penis. In reality, the impact of penis is not fully ascertained. As the time progresses, we will able to know about it more in the future as well.

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