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What woman’s breast tell about her career?

What woman’s breast tell about her career?

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If you are a female, then you will never think that your breasts are the prime indicator for your career. Actually, your breast will tell you which career will be suitable for you according to its form. Moreover, it is observed that the different kinds of breast shape have been indicated for the suitable career option for the woman. It is a very much important proposition is that you can determine your career from looking at your breast.

Normally, you may think it is funny. Nevertheless, in reality, it is possible due to the link between breast and brain. Actually, career is the result of the cognitive control of human brain.  Actually, But, in the case of breast, it is the manifestation of the cognitive result. Moreover, the career selection is done by cognition, attention and learning. Therefore, the shape of woman breast is somehow interrelated with the cognitive impulse in the brain, which ultimately shows on the woman breast shapes.


The sharp breast is the sign of intelligence. Therefore, your career should be chosen on the ground of intelligence and decision-making ability. Therefore, your career can be diplomat, banker, scientist, lawyer and other types of profession, which demands intelligence. Nevertheless, for determining the sharp breast shape, you have to measure your nipple’s location from your armpit. If the length between the armpit and the nipple is within 6 inches to 8 inches, then you have a sharp breast. Moreover, you will see that the nipple will have elastic ability.


The round breast is the sign of royalty. You can measure its shape by your hand. If your breast can hold fully in your hand without squeezing, then you will have a round breast. Moreover, your career can be as CEO, executive, businessperson, artist and other professions, which demand royalty, innovation, perception, imagination and creativity as well. Ironically, the most of the successful women in this world have round breasts and they are very good family maker as well.


The flat breast is the sign of mediocrity. This kind of breast is long in shape and it cannot hold in your hand. Even, the nipple is also blended with breast flesh. It looks older for any woman body and has a unique feature of love, passion and compassion as well. Therefore, your career can be nurse, doctor, social worker, humanitarian and other profession that demands love and compassion. The flat-breasted woman never likes to get the publicity. Rather, they like to work secretly from the eyes of the ordinary people.


The protrude breast is the sign of meanness. It means that you will never hold your breast with your hand fully. Rather, you will have to hold it with your fingers. Therefore, this rather protrude breasted woman belongs to the lower class. Even, it is observed that this type of woman generally chooses a career like laborer, house cleaner, factory worker and other kind of profession, which will require physical labor and mean jobs as well.

Therefore, your breast will tell you about your career selection and the most of cases you get the amazing result from it. Even, if you do not believe in it, then just think deeply and observe, then you will get your answer as well.

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