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Why do girls have good handwriting?

Why do girls have good handwriting?

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It is well-known conviction is that girls have good handwriting by birth. But it happens due to having a better motor skill in the girls. The reason is that girls are very much sharp on the precision manual jobs. But in the case of the boys, they are sharper on target related motor skills like guiding and intercepting than the girls. In this context, we can say that editing, writing, human resource and other professions where precision and detail-oriented ability required are very much suitable for the girls. But in the case of the boy, management, programming, leadership, executive and other professions where focused principle, target related skills and deciphering ability required are suitable for the boys as well.

Actually, you should know that any handwriting will require patience, consistency, legibility, and rhythm. Therefore, the girls have an edge on, the handwriting skill over the boys. It is observed that sloppy or non-recognized writing always comes from the boys in the most of the times. Even, it is true that some glimpse of genius can be found in the boys writing also. When you compare between the handwriting of the boys and the girls, then you will easily notice that the girl’s handwriting can be recognized from the boys handwriting. From the Graphological point of view, the girl’s handwriting has the unique distinction to decipher the missing link between the men and the women in our society. #handwritinganalysis #graphology

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