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Why Indian programmers are not so good?

Why Indian programmers are not so good?

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You should know that the concept of modern programming is originally invented in the western world. But the popularity has extended the all over the world including India as well. One thing is sure that quality or acumen in programming is always stayed with the western population. The reason is that they are highly acclimatized with its language formation and interpretation. It is true that the elasticity of programming ability is highly visible in the western programmers.

But in the case of Indian programmers, they are not really accustomed with the programming creativity and originality. The reason is that the programming environment is not conducive for building a good programmer. Actually, the main reason lies in its social structure. You know that India is a spiritual country where the spirituality flows in the Indian blood intensely. Therefore, logical mind and spiritual mind will never mix up at all.

Rather, you can say that the programming ability runs in the veins of the western programmer whereas the Indian programmers clogged themselves due to their spiritual and restrictive mindset as well. You should one thing keep in your mind that your thinking pattern should be logical with creative mindset. Otherwise, you will never be a good programmer. A good programmer will always show creativity, originality, extreme visualization, intense practical thinking, robust reasoning and delightful purpose. Therefore, these types of features unlikely you will find in any Indian programmer. It is true that for developing this quality, a conducive environment will require as well.


For learning programming, you will need a special type of learning procedure. The reason is that you will have to know the real meaning of programming. Actually, programming is a one-time coding system which means that the inventor of a programming language is the sole proprietor of the code. Rather, it is wise to say in the clear mandate is that you can only modify the instances of the programming languages but you will never break it. So you will just follow the code rules and put the require instances in the particular application structure. The Indian programmers never try to break it intensely. Rather, they will like to follow up its principles for the quick benefits. Therefore, in this case, you will never able to create original stuff at all.

Teaching stuff

The most of the programming teaching stuffs in India are generally frustrated with their mindset. Because, it is observed that they always not satisfied with their life. It happens due to social-economic atmosphere and culture in the India. Whereas the western countries never face this type of frustration. The Indian programmers never satisfy with their life. Because they always think that they are getting low according to their ability. Rather, they should think that they will have to perform and deliver more than their capacity as well.


For creativity, you will need patience, tolerance, originality and reasoning. Actually, the best coding instances will come out when you are very much focused on your ability and its performance. Practically, you can deliver with the best when your body and mind is at its peak which is very much rare for the most of the Indian programmers.


Logically, programming code is a copy-paste mechanism. Only it has one creator and the maximum users. Therefore, the Indian programmers know it most. Therefore, they use it to get the maximum benefits from it in the quick succession as well. It is observed that this copycat tendency attracts the greedy Indian parents who toil very much to insist their child to earn maximum in quick succession for satisfying their needs.

It is a well-known feeling that all computer operating systems are written by the western programmers but the Indian programmers are managing it with great enthusiasm as well. But they never think for a moment to write a great operating system which they will be remembered for their creation. It is the right time to your mettle and goes through with great respect and honor as well.


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