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Why Indians are the inconsistent inventors ?

Why Indians are the inconsistent inventors ?

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Generally, Indian are original and inventive in nature. But, over the years, the Indians are losing their ground as consistent inventors. Moreover, there are many elements which are responsible for happening it. So, if Indians know it thoroughly, then they will overcome this inconsistency as well.


Every Indian likes to do a job after their education. So, they can marry and make the family which they hanker most. So, in this way, they have less independence in their approach to their inventive mind. If you earn the highest degree for the better life with ample luxury and comfort, then they will have less time for innovative thinking. But, it is true that, in this world, if you like to live in a decent way, then you have to be inventive and also produce the innovation in your daily life as well. When you get money, comfort and security, then you will be less sincere about the inventive creation. Actually, you have to kill the service-minded instinct from your mind. Moreover, you have to be self-employed for the sake of the innovative mind.

Less creative

Basically, Indians are born with originality and creative mind. But, in the modern day context, they are losing it in the significant manner. Unless you have creativity for the longest time through your efforts, then you will be never performed any innovative creation. Actually, you will need the consistency with your efforts.

Not bullying

It is the prime problem for any Indian innovator. Actually, the Indian innovators never like to bully for their accomplishment or success. But, if you compare it with the western counterparts, then you will see that they bully their success for the first inventor tag. For this reason, India is losing a substantial number of geniuses who are not getting the first inventor tag for their success. So, you have to bully for your accomplishment with a big thud. Never release an inch of earth for your claim. Just remember it.

Relying on past glory

Never rely over the past glory of India. In the present day scenario is quite different from the past days. So, you should give more concentration on the present condition, so you will able to make yourself more free from the pressure of your country’s past glory. You should remember that you have to start everything from a scratch, then you will able to develop the innovative ideas.

Less ambitious

Indians are ambitious but not as compare to the western counterparts. They are highly ambitious, so they are highly versatile and creative as well. Be more ambitious, be more innovative. .

Too much on foreign help

You should never depend too much on the foreign help. Rather, you can depend on your own ingenuity. Actually, it will make you more independent and innovative as well. If you look at the history of your India, then you will see that the western counterparts have taken our immense gems but they never return back again. Rather, we are Indian, still hankering for the foreign help. Just think twice for its impact.

Therefore, if you like to see India in 2030 as a superpower, then you have to change your attitude ruthlessly through the extensive planning and procedure. Hopefully, Indian will learn it quickly for its better future.


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