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Why is Alibaba successful?

Why is Alibaba successful?

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In the recent time, Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba is making the news in every quarter of the e-Commerce world. But one thing is sure that behind the scene of the Alibaba’s rising has some formidable points to ponder about it. These points are so relevant in the current e-commerce world which you will never able to ignore it but you will face difficulty to implement in your business as well. If you like to introduce these points in the Indian e-commerce scenario, then you will fail in this direction. The reason I that there will a lot of implications which is quite different from the Indian environment.

Actually, Mr. Jack Ma understood well that what Chinese economy delivers and what its people mind think. Therefore, he used his triumph card through Alibaba platform. Actually, the motto of Alibaba is to spread the business around the world with everyone can do business with the minimum effort. Most of all, building trust with the strangers and after that builds the relationship for creating the environment to do business ceaselessly. It is a great vision for any business mind. In this direction, Alibaba is going in a very strong manner.

Trust a stranger

When you are going to trust a stranger, then you have to check your all resources to get the dividend from this dangerous approach. The reason is that this kind of approach does not give you guarantee that it will give you the dividend you are expecting. Rather, it stares at you for preparing any kind of failure as well. But what Alibaba does is that it first keep the product price low in the most competitive manner where nobody dares to tag a better price than Alibaba’s price. After that Alibaba shows the keen interest in the product quality. Over the years, it is developing its credibility for its quality control.

Lastly, Alibaba continues to develop the relationship with the stranger over the times and win his or her mind for this platform’s credibility. Overall, you will see that price, quality and relationship which are the main elements for Alibaba to earn trust from a stranger. This approach is very simple but it is very difficult to implement at all. In general, if you meet a stranger for the first time, then you will see that he or she will emit the signal of trust to you and somehow you have to deliver it through your invitation and after that, it will convert into a friendship. Therefore, Alibaba shows the same follow-through for the rest of us.

Building Friendship

Before building friendship, you have to first build up the confidence and trust with the stranger and if you do according to your conviction, then you will win over them. In the case of Alibaba, building friendship will require some kind of discipline which you will need from your culture. Probably, you know Taoism and The Art of War (Sun Tzu) which every Chinese follows it from their childhood. Sometimes it is easy to read it but difficult to implement in our life. Unless you are disciplined and obedient to your own culture, then you will never achieve it as well. But Mr Jack Ma applied in Alibaba very much precisely. If you read Taoism minutely, then you will see that these are the secrets of a refined life. Even you will see that The Art of War is the principles for everyone to win against any odd. You should know that if you like to win over a stranger, then you have to fight against so many odds in its pathway. After that, you will build a friendship with the stranger.

Formidable Network

Once you build a friendship, then it will double its chances in the multiple numbers also. Actually, your network will increase in the larger proportion as well. Therefore, through a formidable network, you can steer your business in any direction according to your liking.

Ruthless seller performance benchmark

It is important to notice that the ruthless seller performance benchmark is the high point of Alibaba’s success. The reason is that if any seller performs low in a consistent manner, then Alibaba will punish them forever. In this case, always the seller have under pressure to perform better. So that they can survive in Alibaba platform.

Customer feedback rating

For Alibaba, the customer feedback is the highly respected potion for them. The reason is that if Alibaba has to stay in the e-Commerce community, then they have to lend their ears to their customer’s feedback. Even, the customer’s feedback gives Alibaba more opportunities to be innovative in their product and services as well. If you provide the best product at a competitive price to your customers, then you will win over them.

Wide innovation mark

If you visit Alibaba’s home page, then you will see that there are a lot of products which the sellers showcased their different kind of product variation with an innovative mark on it. This kind of approach automatically invites a lot of curiosity among the strangers also.

It is true that Alibaba shows the way to do business against all odds in this present business scenario. Moreover, you will be inspired to do it in your own business despite having the different environment around you as well.

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