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Why we love India?

Why we love India?

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Generally, we (Indian) never show our love and respect to our motherland India publicly. However, we show it through our social involvement. It is a kind of every Indian’s pride. Honestly speaking, we are very much emotional about our country’s pride. The reason is that we (Indian) are born emotional and for this reason, we never tolerate any unethical event at any cost. Moreover, we protest instantly any unethical happening through our freedom of choice or conviction whatever may be. Nevertheless, one thing is sure that we do it because we love our India.

Fuzzy Childhood

When a child is born in India, then he or she already knows that the child will have to stand up on his or her feet despite having his or her parents support. Moreover, you will observe that India is wealthy nation like US, so that there is little dearth of child development atmosphere. Still it is visible. It is true that our childhood is somehow incomplete in compare to the other wealthy nations in the world. Therefore, we never see or enjoy our childhood fully.

Nevertheless, despite our fuzzy childhood, we never see fuzzy India. However, we see it as a vibrant culture. It is happened due to our constant effort for better childhood environment. Still, we have many problems in our India for nourishing a vibrant childhood. However, we never give up hope on our Government policy, which is striving for the quality life of our incoming childhood. Moreover, we bear all odds and difficulties with a big heart and make it more resolving one.

An important proposition is that despite our fuzzy childhood, we still shine through all odds as well. It is true that Indians never get a clean and transparent childhood in their lifetime. Rather, this kind of incompleteness in us makes us more fighters and more attachment to our country as well.


When you could not complete a job alone, then you have to take help from another person as well. It is a sign of a social animal. Therefore, our interdependency is visible in our India society. Moreover, you will see that we are more aware of everybody’s lifestyle. Therefore, if any person gets into trouble, then we immediately go to the person and try to solve his or her problem. More we become interdependent on each other; there will be more love and respect in the social atmosphere also. It is a good sign of a complete social being. We are proud of it.

Long Struggle

When you will struggle a lot for long time, then you will bind to hold your root hardly. Therefore, that it can not slip away from your grasp. It is a natural instinct for every human being. But in the case of India, where the people are born to struggle to build his or her identity in the society through his or her own feet despite having family support. It is a unique example of developing indebtedness to our motherland. Therefore, we love India very much.

Generally, more struggling on a single place for long time will make you by compelling to love that place as well despite your dislike. It is sometimes make a high tolerant person who will get a big mark in the society as well.

Facing the odds

We (Indian) are habituated with facing troubles all the time. It is a unique cohabitation with our existence in India. We love it with a great heart. Practically, constant facing of difficulties will make our sense more directed towards our cultural principles, which guides us towards our goal. Even, within India, we learn how to cope any difficulty with a great heart. Facing the odds will make you more sensible towards your duty and responsibility, which is very much visible throughout our Indian society as well.

Caring for parents

In Indian society, parents are the pillar stone for building a human character. The reason is that we never left our parents in their old age, which is a plus point for our love to our Indian culture. Generally, we love our parents in such a way that as if we love our own country as well. The reason is that we never differentiate between love for parents and love for India. It says enough for our Indian cultural root as well.


If you are more emotional, then you will bind to love more. Therefore, there is no exception for any Indian citizen also. For generating selfless love, you will have to be emotional as well. Therefore, our love and affection to India is unquestionable.

We love India because India loves us despite its limited resources. Still we are rich in our cultural resources and its opulence. Therefore, there will be no dearth of love to India will be seen in the future as well.


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