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How you will make a nice exit ?

How you will make a nice exit ?

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When we come in this world for the first time, then our destiny is already programmed for a final journey from this earth. Therefore, God permanently writes an exit in our face. Actually, in our every action and movement, we get an exit, which means a departure. Nevertheless, the meaning of departure has different interpretations in our life’s various events. Therefore, you will see that its powerful interpretation of exit lies in our karma. The reason is that if we do good deeds in our life, then we will able to get a nice exit.


In society, where you are a member and lives with other fellows as well. However, one thing you have to think that when you will live in it, then you should maintain a better image through your deeds and participation in the events as well. Actually, you have to build a good impression that will make you to get a glorious exit. So that the society will remember you forever. Nevertheless, for a glorious exit, you have to work hard as well do sacrifice for the society which will bring you a better person as well.


Your family where you spend the most of your time in your life. Therefore, that it is your duty and responsibility to make everybody happy about you. However, in the reality it is not possible at all. So that you can make some of your family members happy but not all. Therefore, you have to make the situation more conducive when you are leaving your family. It may be painful but do it in such a way that you can serve your purpose well.


When you are leaving your office forever, then do something special on the eve of your departure which no one will able to do it in your office in future. Actually, you have to do a remarkable instance, which will make your exit a memorable as well. It is observed that when you are changing your current profession to a new one, then you should make an impression before you exit. Actually, you have to do it for a nice exit that the people in your current profession can remember you for a great exit.


When you are leaving your best friend forever, then you should do something, which will make your exit a memorable to your friend. Actually, it is needed for remembering you. If you do it wisely, then your friendship will be intact forever despite you exit as well.

Therefore, your exit will be a great one when it will serve well. However, one thing you have to keep in your mind that not everybody will be fortunate one to have a glorious exit as well.


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