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How will you raise your enemy?

How will you raise your enemy?

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Nobody will believe that the numbers of enemy should increase in an extraordinary manner. But, in the reality, we always somehow increase its numbers without our knowledge. The reason is that our rising in the social platform, generally breeds a lot of enemies. Our success uses its power for increasing the enemy circle. Practically, our own life and development is the prime suspect for increasing our enemy circle also.

Your Nice Look

Your friendly looking personality may be your advantage, but it may be an obstacle for someone also. Therefore, you will never think that your charming look will make someone a vulnerable enemy. Actually, what happens is that good physical look is not everybody’s possession. Therefore, when a good looking person takes an extra advantage from the conventional looking life, then some kind of jealousy will develop. So it will create some disturbance in your surrounding as well.

Your Money

Your money should be your possession and nobody should be jealousy at it also. But, it happens. When you make money and have a lot, then your enemy group will grow in a substantial manner. Moreover, sometimes you will face an enormous difficulty to meet with them. For controlling your increasing numbers of enemy, you should keep your lifestyle in the low profile with a lot of social participation without any extravaganza will minimize it.

Your Success

Success is every man’s right. So everybody has a right to achieve success. But when the heat of success is beyond its fundamental limit, then it becomes a target of the evil eye. But if you could not maintain the integrity with your success and personality, then you will breed the intensity of enemy in your surrounding as well.

Your Love

Getting love is every man’s dream. But it is not everybody’s cup of tea. Therefore, when you will get love from your loved one, then you will automatically develop the ground for revenge or jealousy within your circle.

Your Knowledge

When a person acquires an immense storehouse of knowledge in his or her lifetime, then some kind command will be developed in his or her working group. So that it will automatically increase the hostility for it as well. It is better for you to share your knowledge with anybody who will need your expertise.

Therefore, your enemy group will increase you prosper through your own specialty and achievement. But in the reality, you will see that increasing hatred is not your fault. But it is their fault which could not understand your ability and skill as well.


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