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How you will understand that you have a likeable personality ?

How you will understand that you have a likeable personality ?

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In society, every person should have an image whether it is good or bad. However, if you have a good image, then you will be respected. Again, if you have a bad image, then you will also be respected with fear. So that somehow your likeable personality is important one in your society. Practically, any likeable personality will give you a better mileage in your surroundings. Actually, what happens is that, good personality generally attracts the people’s attention. Moreover, you will see that, in a neighborhood, if there are many likeable personalities living, and then you will see that many good events will be happening at the regular interval. It is good for any society as well. Nevertheless, you have to ascertain your personality in terms of social point of view. If you possess a good personality, then definitely you will able to hold a better place in your surroundings.

Phone Call

If all accept your personality, then you should have a better response from your phone call. The reason is that your phone call reply will determine your popularity among your acquaintances as well. Practically, you will see that your voice and phone etiquette will give you a general view about it. First, when you will make a call to someone, then if you get “Hello” from the person whom you call and friendly tone, then you will understand that your caller has a better acceptance about you.

Email Reply

It is highly relevant for the modern day communication. The reason is that as you get more email reply from your total emails sending, then you will have a better likeable rate among your acquaintances as well. It is true that you should concentrate more on the email communication throughout the year. The reason is that email in the backbone of any business or personal communication in today’s world. More your get response from your email, you will have a better chance to convert your receiver’s reply into a relationship.

Past Recalling

It is a better indication that you have long lasting impressive personality for any inters personal relationship. It is very much important for any person. The reason is that if you get any email of phone call from a past acquaintance, friend or relative, then you will understand that you have a better place in their mind and they like to remember you as well.

Social Smiling

In your society, if you get a better response from it, then you will think that your society is smiling at you which means that the society like your personality as well. Actually, you will get a portion of the society, which will favor you also. Therefore, your image is vital for your society as well.

Anti-social Tolerance

If you have a likeable personality, then you will have a greater chance from any kind of anti-social attack. The reason is that any anti-social element will have no gut to attack you in any direction. Actually, they will fear to some extent and it will come handy to you in the course of time.

Therefore, your good image in the society will bring a bigger acceptance as well as huge protection as well.


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