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Windows 10 – a suspicious OS for your computer

Windows 10 – a suspicious OS for your computer

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When Microsoft announced free update of Windows 10 for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, then I was beginning to clean my PC hard disk for the clean installation of the new Windows OS. After clean install in my PC, I was highly expected to be it as my dream OS. However, after using for one week, its real skeleton comes out and giving me some threatening movements in my computer. Initially, I thought that it might be coming for my own fault. Nevertheless, after checking my computing skill thoroughly, the result comes to me as suspicious one. I do not understand why Microsoft is taking this step to dupe its customers.

Actually, I have respect for Microsoft since my first computing day. Now it compels me to rethink about it. After one-week journey of Windows 10, suddenly its Start menu stops working which is my biggest nightmare as well. As a computer user, the important of Start menu is most vital and essential also. In this case, Windows 10 just kicks me a big thud on my back. As far as the privacy is concerned, I am doubtful about for Windows 10 activity in my computer.

One suspicious movement, which I have observed that my router is continuously blinking throughout my Windows 10 operation. I think Microsoft is using my bandwidth secretly without proper intimation. It is a kind of theft or cheating. The reason is that you will never able to use my bandwidth without my permission. It is a kind of illegal entry into my home. Therefore, the trespasser will be prosecuted. Therefore, in this connection, I immediately uninstall Windows 10 from my computer and sanctify my PC with a full format through DOS.

Eventually, it starts me to lose my confidence in Microsoft, which I gathered over the years as well. You should know that every business will need and therefore the business will need earning as well. Nevertheless, the earning should be in the proper way also. Otherwise, the business will face the music as well. I do not understand why Microsoft takes this strategy to earn extra benefits from its customers. Honestly speaking, the core of Windows 10 operating system is sound and palatable for the most of the computer users.

However, this ambush greed of Microsoft is not good for Microsoft itself and its own customers also. It will unnecessary bring confusion to Windows users. Therefore, you can say that Windows 10 is a suspicious computer OS which you will never reach to your conclusion. If Microsoft is very much focus about what they want from its Windows 10 users and inform its users exactly what they want from them.

Therefore, Windows 10 will be a successful OS and Microsoft will able to avert another OS disaster in the coming years. Still, we are all love Windows operating system but we will never tolerate an indecent ploy against the Windows users as well.

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